/ As a not-for-profit venture studio
/ Harvest is uniquely <positioned> to lead
/ a multifaceted and interdependent <ecosystem>
/ that leverages Calgary’s global energy position
/ to drive a capital market <convergence>
/ around energy infrastructure enhanced by AI
Our projects seek to address the barriers limiting the innovation and commercialization of these critical technologies globally.
The Safe Energy AI Lab (SEAL)
SEAL is an open-source platform that is uniquely designed to publicly develop AI systems and collaborate with industry partners to effectively and safely implement AI technology within the energy sector. 
The energy market is grappling with the tradeoff of cleaner supply against higher delivery costs and volatility. The volatile and interdependent variables of future energy systems will require artificial intelligence.
Harvest has partnered with startups, established industry players, capital providers and regulators to ensure all stakeholders have access to the infrastructure, subject matter expertise, and governance guardrails to integrate AI safely into society.
Digital Talent Platform
The shortage of qualified tech and entrepreneurial talent continues to be one of the biggest barriers to building a competitive and resilient market for innovation within climate and energy.
Harvest has teamed up with PrariesCan and Energy Disruptors to develop a digital talent platform that connects qualified talent with venture backed startups in energy and climate. This platform is designed specifically to attract, nurture and retain diversified talent within the regional energy innovation ecosystem.